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Senin, 14 Maret 2011

One Guess

Search Trubus magazine, last years many doctors and herbalists prescribe to patients Rodent Tuber. Just to mention a few examples are Dr. Henry Naland SpBOnk in Jakarta, Dr. Eliya (Banten), Dr. Ivan Hardi (Surabaya), and Agus Salim (Malang). Doctors at the Clinic Karyasari-spread in 4 places in Jakarta are also prescribed Rodent Tuber.

For herbs, the patient crushed whole plant fresh Rodent Tuber. After adding 2 tablespoons of boiled water, squeeze, and then drink the juice of it. Frequency of consumption of 3 times a day. Another way to swallow 3 capsules 3 times daily.

Dosage recommendations for therapy 3 times a day, an hour before meals. For those who have stomach problems, you should consume Rodent Tuber juice after meals. According to Prof Dr Sumali Wiryowidagdo, professor of Pharmacy, University of Indonesia, the dose of 3 capsules 3 times daily is safe and no side effect to health. Some herbalists and doctors who prescribe Rodent Tuber for 5 years, have not found the side effects Rodent Tuber.

Empirically and scientifically supported evidence, Rodent Tuber medicinal. However, not as easy to consume Rodent Tuber shadows of many people.
First, many people do not know exactly Rodent Tuber crops. An executive in Jakarta think-tall plants as Rodent Tuber semester. He sent electronic mail accompanied by a photo-talasan taro plant that thinks Rodent Tuber. If one recognizes the plant, the patient may not acquire property Rodent Tuber plant.

In addition, the processing plant should also be appropriate. One obah cause itchy throat. Instead of recovering, the patients getting more than the "disease" new. Use a single Rodent Tuber, need further research. According to Dr Chris KH Teo, expert from Malaysia Rodent Tuber, Rodent Tuber is not a magic bullet that cure various diseases. That's in line with the opinion of Dr. Paul Wahyudi Halim.

Doctors alumnus Degli Study Padova, Italy, said cancer treatment involves many factors. "No bias is treated with one drug alone. A drug needs to complement the efficacy of other drugs. Because there is no drug that multifunctional and well received by the body," said Paul.

Despite the differences, the demand for very large Rodent Tuber. Many patients recover with consumption Rodent Tuber hope. The impact, demand and processed Rodent Tuber fresh herbs increased. Ali is also a manufacturer of herbal Mashuda in Purwakarta, West Java, said the Rodent Tuber sales reach 600 bottles per month, each consisting of 50 capsules. The number was increased 100% over the past year.

Boni Patoppoi, Rodent Tuber manufacturer in Sidoarjo, East Java, are also experiencing increasing demand. On average, it produces 100 bottles of 50 capsules each week. Price Rp75.000 bottle. production volume was increased by 100% rather than 6 years ago when Boni began processing Rodent Tuber. Rodent Tuber that is now being asked is just one option to achieve healing or maintaining health. That was not the only determinant factor, there are many other factors that influence the healing of a person. (Trubus Magazine, June 2009)

To obtain capsules Rodent Tuber, call 081288851177


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