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Keladi Tikus Benefits

1. Inhibit the growth of tumor cells
2. Inhibit the growth of cancer cells
3. Reducing the adverse effects of chemotherapy (hair loss, nausea, decreased appetite)
4. As an antiviral and anti bacterial
5. Detoxification drug toxins
6. Detoxification of cigarette toxins
7. Overcoming diabetes mellitus
8. Overcoming Hypertension
9. Increase stamina and immune system
10. Helps relieve heart failure disease
11. Cure influenza, cough, reduce phlegm, headaches
12. As antiasma,
13. Inhibits swelling and inflammation
14. Overcoming bloating.
15. As panasea liver disease

The content of the leaves:
1. Hexa acid dekanoat
2. Acid okta dekanoat
3. Lauric acid
4. Acid kapriat
5. Koniferin

The content of the stem:
1. Serebrosida
2. Daukasterol
3. Inactivating ribosome protein / RIP

The content of rhizome
1. Alkaloids
2. Triterpenoid
3. Polyphenols
4. Arginine
5. Tritofan
6. Fitol

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1 bottles IDR 35.000 with 80 capsules.


Process of Fresh Keladi Tikus

1. Take 3 Rodent Tuber (Keladi Tikus) crops that are still intact, have roots, stems, and leaves.
2. Clean the dirt on the plants with clean water flowing.
3. Grown entirely in the non-metallic container to shreds.
4. Add 1-2 tablespoons of boiled water into the container, and mix evenly.
5. Rodent Tuber that have been destroyed then squeezed and the water in a glass.
6. Before drinking add half a tablespoon of honey into the juice of it. The goal is to prevent itching.

(Trubus Magazine, June 2009)

To obtain capsules Rodent Tuber, call 081288851177
PIN BlackBerry: 25e981de


Right Proces To cultivate Efficacious

Itching immediately feel in back of his hand when Rubiyantoro touched the tip of the stem armpit Rodent Tuber sap. Guess it just lost 3 hours ago. "Be careful process Rodent Tuber," says herbalist in Pekayon Jaya village, municipality of Bekasi, West Java.

Another experience, a patient felt itching in the mouth and throat when drinking the decoction of this medicinal plant. According to Prof. Dr. Mustafa Apt Kes, a researcher at the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Gadjah Mada University, itchy allegedly arises because Rodent Tuber contain active compounds that trigger the production of histamine in the body.

Histamine is a compound cause itching, pain, and allergies are released by the immune system in response to foreign substances that enter the body. However, the itch on Rodent Tuber easily removed.

Rubiyanto add honey to prevent itching. He poured a spoonful of honey in the Rodent Tuber plant juice, stirring rate, and drink it before meals. "Honey it is an antihistamine," said Mustafa.

Antihistamine compounds in honey production neutralize the effects of histamine in the body so itchy when consuming Rodent Tuber did not appear. While Sidi Aritjahja dr, doctor and herbalist in Yogyakarta, suggested adding 1.5 grams of fennel seeds or leaves of Blumea. Both also efficacious prevent itching.

Rubiyanto use the whole plant Rodent Tuber, rhizome, stem, and leaves. For all consumption, need 3 plants intact. Birth Bandar Lampung, Sumatera, he was washed Rodent Tuber with running water. After that whole plant pounded. Rodent Tuber Rubiyanto avoid boiling because of the way it causes itching when consumed. She uses gloves when grinding.

Tools and containers made from non-metallic grow like ceramic or pottery clay. When the whole plant pulverized, Rubiyantoro add 1 tablespoon of boiled water. The dough is mixed well and then squeezed with a clean cloth.

Of the 3 plants were obtained by an average of 1.5 tablespoons lemon Rodent Tuber. The juice is ready to be consumed after added a half tablespoon of honey. That way free Rodent Tuber itching in the throat.

Ideally Rodent Tuber juice drink right away. Intermittent 10-12 hours after processing, appear not tasty aroma that is not worth drinking. For those who do not want to process their own, there are many brands on the market Rodent Tuber extract. Missal Rodent Tuber extract in capsule form. Consumption is 3 capsules 3 times daily.
(Trubus Magazine, June 2009)

To obtain capsules Rodent Tuber, call 081288851177 only Rp 35.000 per bottle with 80 capsules.

Keladi Tikus Healing Colon Cancer

At a young age, 26 years old, Princess Mia-not her real name-had to wrestle against colon cancer. Malignant tumors of chicken eggs entrenched in the colon. And in Indonesia, a cancer that attacks the 1.8 per 100,000 population is usually found in men and women over the age of 50 years.

Originally Mia often complain of mild abdominal pain until 1-2 days. Conditions which lasted since January 2007 it reached its peak in mid-2007. Abdominal pain that accompanied the pain and nausea. All food vomited. The incident made her September 1983 birth was weak and pale.

Mia given nutrients through the infusion after his family brought to the hospital in Bekasi. 2 days ago Mia was not improved conditions even more severe. His stomach looks bigger. Doctors diagnose there is a blockage in the colon that needed surgery. Operating results beyond expectations, causing a blockage that was stage III malignant tumor. The size of a chicken egg.

According to Dr. Reksoprawiro Spb Sunarto (K) Onk, oncology surgeon Soetomo Hospital, Surabaya, colon cancer can be triggered by genetic factors. When family history was found cancer, then the chances of getting cancer is greater. For another, higher-fat foods and low in fiber.

Fat is digested long that often accumulate in the intestinal wall. If allowed, it makes the cell wall buildup of damaged intestine and the edges of colon cancer.

Postoperative, Mia underwent chemotherapy and checking the value of CEA, Carcinoembryonik Antigen, 3 months. CEA is a tumor antigen that is found in the blood of patients with cancer, especially colon cancer, breast, pancreas, bladder, ovary, and cervix. Value of CEA is required to monitor the development of postoperative cancer cells. "If the value of CEA increased signs of tumor recurrence or cancer cells spread to other organs," said Sunarto.

Six times the chemotherapy, Mia normal CEA values, below 5 ng / ml. The next he does not need chemotherapy, but just enough to undergo CEA.

Until October 2008, the CEA rate was still below the threshold. Conditions changed in January 2009 after Mia perform CEA. CEA Figures 5.5 ng / ml, 3 months before 3.8 ng / ml. CEA rate hikes that inevitably makes Mia fear. That's the sign of the cancer cells began to attack again. According Sunarto, an average of 5% of patients with stage III colon cancer who had undergone surgery more likely affected.

Mia was afraid of the CEA will continue to rise. "I do not hold ill the same way again," said the son of the 5th of 6 brothers. Families also can not bear if Mia has to be treated again.

Mariam-not her real name-sister Mia, trying to find cure of cancer in cyberspace. There he found the information that the Rodent Tuber efficacious as anticancer herbs. Mary then suggested Mia tried herbal remedies that.

Rodent Tuber
A total of 60 plants for Rp5.000/tanaman Rodent Tuber directly purchased from a provider of herbal plant in Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. Mia cultivate a whole plant for a drink. Bulbs, stems, and leaves finely ground and squeezed.

Mia drink the juice with a spoonful of honey every morning and evening. A month routine consumes good results began to appear. When checked in February 2009, the CEA rate decreased, 2 ng / ml. positive results that make Mia diligently consume Rodent Tuber up to now. Examination in March 2009, the CEA rate steady at 2 ng / ml. means that cancer cells fail to grow alias no recurrence in Mia's body.

Loss of cancer cells in Mia's body is not a coincidence. Rubiyantoro, herbalist from Kampoeng Herba, in Pekayon Jaya, Bekasi, West Java, said the Rodent Tuber indeed effective against cancer. Araceae family members that also worked well to prevent postoperative recurrent cancer. Other efficacy to prevent the ill effects of chemotherapy.

Those who undergo Rodent Tuber kemoterai and consume on a regular basis, proved to recover his appetite, hair loss is not easy, and pain in the body decreases.

The results Sheen Choon-Lai, a researcher from the Center for Drug Research, University Sains Malaysia, proving Rodent Tuber Typhonium flagelliforme inhibit cancer cell growth and induction apoptosis. According Choon IC50-concentration that caused death of 50% of the population tested cell-hexane and dichloromethane (DCM) Rodent Tuber row is 53.89 ug / ml and 15.43 ug / ml. that is, doses of 53.89 ug / ml and 15.43 ug / ml of hexane and DCM Rodent Tuber potent inhibit 50% growth of cancer cells.

These results were confirmed Indrayudha Peni research from the Faculty of Pharmacy University of Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Central Java. Peni prove Rodent Tuber contains Ribosome Inactivating Proteins that RIPs inhibit protein synthesis in cancer cells so that its development stuck. (Trubus Magazine, June 2009)

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The results of the Jakarta Breast Cancer survey show 2834 people who checked the lump in her breast, 78.6% as benign mammary tumors, cysts, lymphoma, and mammary dysplasia. While the other 13% diagnosed with breast cancer. "Therefore, all women over age 20 should consult a doctor if you find a lump in the breast," said Yelia.

According to John T Mackie, researcher in the Department Patobiologi, Texas University, United States, the liver, metabolized into acid fitol fitanat and pristanat. That organic acid compound is a peroxisome proliferator activated receptor binding gamma (PPARy), which inhibits gene expression causes fat oxidation in peroksisome origin and mitochondria that eventually become cancer cells.

Besides fitol, Koichi Takeya Farmakognosi Department, University of Tokyo, Japan, found metal esters of amino acids and ektadekanoat heksadekanoat be cytotoxic against leukemia cancer cells with IC50 levels reach 15 micrograms per milliliter.

Not only anticancer, also proved to be hepatoprotector Rodent Tuber. Huang P from the Institute of Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy, Taiwan, managed to isolate the Rodent Tuber components by chromatography.

The compounds that include koniferin, beta-sitoserl, and beta-daukosterol. In addition, compounds known to have activity antihepatotosik serebrosida.
Studied the antibacterial properties Adel Sharaf Al-Zubairi, from the Department of Clinical Biochemistry, University of Sana'a, Yemen. Rodent Tuber hexane extract has antibacterial activity, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, cause of infection during perawata in hospital and Salmonella choleraesuis, disease-causing cholera. According to Adel, antibacterial properties it because the content of saturated fatty acids such as lauric acid and capric.

In addition, Rodent Tuber also used to treat influenza. It was investigated by Zhong Z of the Institute of Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy Guangxi, China. Research results show, Rodent Tuber, which is extracted in water, alcohol, and ester solution to cure cough, reduce phlegm, antiasma, headache, antipembengkakan, and bloating.

Maximum number of Rodent Tuber who consumed one drink is 720 g / kg body weight in water extract, 900 g / kg body weight in the form of alcohol extract, and 3240 grams / kg of body weight in extract esters.

With a myriad of benefits, Rodent Tuber be panasea for cancer patients, liver disease, and influenza disease. According to Lucie, the efficacy was obtained because Rodent Tuber thus able to strengthen immune resistance to disease increases.
(Trubus Magazine, June 2009)

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Rhizome Rodents Disease Death

What Wanda Lisa Elisa fear finally happened. Breast lump in the left-after-show scanned Lisa 2B-stage breast cancer measuring 3 cm x 3 cm.

The doctor advised Lisa to undergo chemotherapy and removal of the breast. The goal is that no cancer cells have metastasized or spread to other organs. However, Lisa refused. "There must be another way to eliminate them," said the woman born in Jakarta on January 2, 1957 it.

Lisa chose herbal remedies by visiting Yelia Mangan, herbalist in Kalibata, South Jakarta. Yelia recommend Lisa to avoid the consumption of meat and all its derivatives, milk, and eggs. "Animal protein accelerate the growth of cancer cells," said Yelia. In addition, Lisa Rodent Tuber extract consume 3 capsules 3 times daily. After 3 years of taking extracts Rodent Tuber, in breast cancer cells shrink as the result of ultrasound scanning.

Breast cancer cells recover Lisa possibility of bias. Because, "Rodent Tuber proved to be sitotoksin against breast cancer cells," said Lucie Widowati, a researcher at the Center for Biomedical Research and Development and Pharmacy, Department of Health.

Lucie investigate the effectiveness of inhibiting breast cancer cell, MCF-7. At first he Rodent Tuber fresh tuber extract with 50% ethanol. A total of 20 mg of the extracted that he dissolved in 1 ml dimethyl sulfoxideltetrahydrofuran (DMSO).

He next stage dilute cells MCF-7 breast cancer that has been cultured with a medium grower shaped like jelly. Media that is what he put into the well or petri dish with holes as many as 100 ug. Lucie Rodent Tuber extract added to each well to concentrate 50 ug, 75 ug, 100 ug, 125 ug, and 150 ug.

Pharmacy Alumnus Bandung Institute of Technology's media were incubated for 24 hours at 37 degrees Celsius. In conclusion, the IC50 value Rodent Tuber tuber extract 89.15 ug / ul. IC50 is the concentration inhibiting 50% of breast cancer cell proliferation. Cancer drug cisplatin IC50 7.84 ug / ul. "If the active compound extracted Rodent Tuber, the inhibitory effect may be similar to cisplatin," said Lucie. (Trubus Magazine, June 2009)

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Drugs from Damp Soil

In Chinese, Rodent Tuber called Banxia Shui, which means poisonous medicinal plants that live in water or damp places. "Because of growing in damp areas, nature was warm and spicy plants so it is suitable to treat diseases of lenders," said Dr. William Adi Teja MMed, of the Chinese Medical Center Clinic Utomo, Jakarta.

Slime disease divided by two, outside and inside the body. Disease outside of the body such as mucus in sputum due to flu and cough. Whereas dump in the body and clumping into cancer.

However, according to an alumnus of the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China, that, warm and spicy nature of the effect Rodent Tuber dry bad for your body. Therefore, people who easily thirsty and people with diabetes to consume forbidden.

In addition to cancer, "Rodent Tuber also good for heart rhythm disorders diseases like heart failure disease, because the shape of its leaves like a heart," said William.

It is based on 2 ancient book Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor's Book of meaning) and Wai Tai Mi Yao (Secret Recipe). The recommended dose for heart disease similar to cancer patients, ie 10-15 grams dry Rodent Tuber extract brewed with 150 ml of water consumed 2 times a day.

William warned plant from the family of Banxia almost all poisonous. Therefore be careful in its processing. Rodent Tuber root and tuber water soaked for 7 days, then soaked again with ginger cooking water. The roots were then heated with sulfur vapor. As a result, root and tuber Rodent Tuber who was white to yellow light. After that, tubers and roots Typhonium flagelliforme dried and consumed.

Another way to directly consume after drinking the juice of fresh ginger Rodent Tuber, because ginger antioxidants neutralize the poison.

If processing is not true, poisoning symptoms such as weak pulse, nausea, and vomiting would be attacked soon after consumption. Other effects, itching. Especially people who are allergic to the type of poison contained Rodent Tuber. "And that's toxic substances utam rodent cancer," said William. (Trubus Magazine, June 2009)

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